Kela compensation is processed by the insurance fund

The insurance fund operates as an employment insurance fund, which processes and grants compensation in accordance with the Finnish Health Insurance Act to insured members. Your Kela card will be marked Työpaikkakassa 33009 if you are covered by the fund.

We handle compensation according to the Health Insurance Act as follows:

  • specifically reimbursable medicines
  • sickness and parental allowances
  • medical benefits

You can apply for all Kela compensation through Omakela and complete your application and send compensation-related messages. If you have any questions, you can also contact us by phone.

You can find more information about compensation on Kela’s website.

Pharmacies which belonging to the Association of Finnish pharmacies (AFP) are contracted pharmacies and you can get your medicines at a reduced price by showing your Kela card at the time of purchase.